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Ant Farm Standard "Amazonka" BASIC KIT


Colony of Ants Messor bundle (Queen + ants + egg laying)


IMPORTANT! Use baby water Malyatko, Aqua Nanny or distilled water!

Before entering a colony, read the Instructions very carefully! Since your actions during the settlement of the colony in the farm and further care for the ants will depend on whether the colony will develop or die.

Please note that we always send only live and healthy ant colonies! After receiving the colony from a new post, all responsibility for the ant family rests solely with you. If for any reason the ants die, our store does not send a new colony for free and does not accept any claims. Remember that we are always responsible for those who are tamed.


This kit is designed for a beginner and includes:

  • Ant Farm Standard "Amazonka";
  • Colony of Ants Messor bundle (Queen + ants + egg laying)
  • Grain feed reserve per year;
  • Pipette;
  • Decorative tree;
  • Decorative ladder;
  • Feeder;
  • Tweezers;
  • Decorative colored sand (orange сolour);
  • Decorative colored sand (swamp green сolour);
  • Decorative colored sand swamp (lilac сolour);
  • Decorative stones (brown colour);
  • Decorative stones (green colour);
  • Colorful instruction.



Farm dimensions - 26.5x22.5x7 cm;

2 water chambers;

2 gypsum layer;

A spacious transparent arena, which allows you to connect other ant farms to it;

Beautiful farm color;

Ant capacity: up to 1500 individuals;




Our AntCity team has prepared this kit specifically for the beginner.


Why "for a beginner"? - It's simple. The Ant Reaper is one of the simple but very unusual ants.The Reapers have clearly developed "polymorphism" - you will see various professions of ants inside the colony, they will vary in size and perform different functions. You will see all the power of large soldiers and the birth of the smallest scout. The hard workers are not going anywhere, they will ensure the life of the entire colony.The reapers are very unpretentious in both food and care. We thought that you should not worry about how to feed your colony and add a supply of food for a year. You need to give them a little protein food so that your colony grows faster.

An ant farm is an opportunity to safely observe an anthill in a section.

Ant Farm is equipped with a tight lid that protects your apartment from shoots of ants. However, if an incident happens and you forget to close the lid, then the ants will not start in your apartment: only scouts leave the farm, and they are not able to reproduce, and if they fail to get back into the house, then they will simply die.

As pleasant trifles, you can look in the Scenery section to pick up fun decorations. This helps to give individuality to farm, but is not a vital necessity for ants, therefore, adhering to minimalism, you may well be limited to an empty arena.

Reaper ants are long-livers. The queen lives 18-20 years, which means a hobby is designed for a long time.

You can find out more about settling, moisturizing, feeding and caring by reading the instructions provided for the kit.With this kit, both a child and an adult will be able to cope without the experience of handling ants.But if you still have questions, you can always contact the AntCity team by phone, email or social networks.

Тип товара
Муравьиная Ферма
Камер увлажнения
Две камеры
Возможность подключения других Ферм
Вместительность муравьев
До 1500
Пищевой Акрил
Вид муравьев
Мессор Структор
Страна производитель
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Доброго дня! Необхідно буде зачекати поки клей висохне і провітриться. Після цого ви змодете поставити будиночок на арену ферми.
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