All purchases made in our Ant City store can be delivered in one of three ways:

  • By courier in the city of Kiev;
  • Self-pickup from the office in Kiev;
  • Courier service New Mail.


Courier delivery — (the minimum order for courier delivery 200 UAH).


Our couriers, as well as the workers of the ants, work without interruption from 10.00 to 20.00. The cost of such delivery is 40 UAH.


When buying goods over 1,600 UAH the delivery is free. You can pay by courier upon receipt of a purchase, or by pre-transferring to a Privatbank card or a settlement account of a store.


New Mail — (orders less than 200 UAH are sent on prepayment, orders over 200 UAH can be sent by cash on delivery).


Every purchase made in our store can be sent to anywhere in Ukraine, where there are warehouses of New Mail. The cost of delivery corresponds to the tariffs of the delivery company. You can pay for the goods at the post office at the time of receipt or by transferring money to the Privatbank card.


In order to receive the goods in the New Mail you need to have an identity document and the TNT (Consignment Note) number, which we will send to the phone after sending. If you do not pick up the order within 5 days from the mail warehouse, it automatically returns to our store.


Be sure to check the goods on the New Mail for a complete set and for damage. We pack our goods as qualitatively as possible, but there force majeure, in which the farm may be damaged, so we strongly urge you to check the integrity of the goods in the New Mail Department before to take the goods.


The orders are dispatched on the same day, but subject to an order until 14.00.