About us

The online store Ant City is a shop and producer of ant farms, which are now very popular.


Our team is constantly improving on the design and functionality of formicariums and arenas in which ants can live, work, earn food, etc. You can observe behind all these processes at home or at work in the office, placing one of our formicariums on the table, or arrange a real Coliseum on which the ants will fight as gladiators.


In our store you can buy your favorite farm, as well as the necessary accessories for it. In addition, we can make a farm according to your preferences, we will help to create the farm of your dreams, or not even a farm, but a whole city! We are direct producers of ant farms. Our formicariums are produced in Ukraine, at our own production workshop using new modern equipment.


On cooperation, wishes, as well as other questions related to ants and their housing, write to the post office. We welcome those who think with us in one direction, so we are ready to cooperate. We consider any proposals.